rk Demowatcher


The rK DemoWatcher is a handy tool for easy access to UT2004 and UT3 demos. Demos are recorded matches, for example from tournaments, that other gamers can replay. So you can follow the matches of professional players or create an archive of your own.

rK DemoWatcher registers the filetype extensions of UT demos and makes it possible to start them by doubleclick. It also takes care of the cachefile problem. Missing files are downloaded automatically from the internet.

Another nice feature is the creation of demopackages. Just put all your demos into a zipfile and rename its extension to demozip. Now you even get more information about the demos by doublecklicking that demopack.

The next level of demowatching


Unreal Tournament 2004 demowatching

Developed by

Ulrich ,daddy‘ Scheller


all you need

So here is what you need to have for watching demos:

  1. Unreal Tournament 2004

  2. The latest patch (3369)

  3. rK DemoWatcher

  4. a demo

If you are experiencing any problems, contact suelzb0t on the Quakenet in #respawnkiller

More demos can be downloaded from: